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Hunter Charvat

University of Michigan School of Information

Class of 2018

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About Hunter Charvat

User experience designer, HCI aficionado, Programmer, and Nerd.

Hello there! You have found yourself on the portfolio of a soon to be graduating senior from the University of Michigan School of Information. While I would love to talk about my experiences DJing weddings or show off my Japanese language proficiency, the purpose of this portfolio is to showcase some of the work I’ve done in the field of UX / user experience design. However, if these other things interest you I would love to have a conversation about them! But, we should take some steps back first…

I have long had a deep fascination with technology. One of my earliest memories is the feeling of losing myself in the amazing games produced for the Nintendo 64, and feeling the wonder that technology can bring to people. Since then, this fascination has grown into a strong desire to understand how and why people interact with technology. I’ve done many things to help me fulfill this curiosity: worked as a programmer, studied human-computer interaction and user-experience design, and worked on research projects that leverage machine learning to understand online moderation. As I complete my last semester at the School of Information, I’m looking for an organization where I can apply these experiences to make people’s interactions with technology more seamless and meaningful. However, it is just as important to me to find an organization that will support me in my journey to fulfil my curiosities regarding technology and how people interact with it.

I hope you will enjoy looking at some of the projects I have worked on during my time at the University of Michigan! If you would like to reach out to me, send me an email at charvat@umich.edu

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